Problems To Look For When Buying a Home

Red flags to look for when buying a home

Did Someone Say Red Flags?

If you are looking to buy a home then you need to know what problems or defects to look for. A major home inspection company did a recent study and found that about 40% of previously owned homes for sale have at least one serious issue or defect. I always strongly suggest getting a home inspection to catch any hidden issues.

The little bit of money you spend on a home inspection is better than finding out later that you are stuck with budget-busting repairs. Check out just a few of the problems you should look for when buying a house.

Solid Foundation

One huge problem you really want to avoid is anything involving the foundation. Take a few minutes to look if the yard slopes towards or away from the house. If water runs toward the house & it’s foundation, it can cause damage. Also you need to look for any bulges or cracks that could indicate serious issues.

A Shocking Problem

Another problem that can quickly turn a dream home into a money pit is the electrical system. A professional home inspection will  check the electrical system. I suggest avoiding homes with outdated electrical systems. Some tell-tale signs of problems are flickering lights, circuits that don’t work, and warm outlets.

Look Up

Last but certainly not least is the roof. Check the ceiling in every room for any ceiling stains. This can be a sign that the roof is leaking or leaked in the past. A leaky roof is an expensive repair. If the home’s roof has been neglected, then you need to wonder what else has been neglected.

Not All is Lost

When you get the results of the home inspection back and there are problems, you must remain calm and unemotional. If anything, you should be relieved that you found the problems BEFORE you purchased the home. If your contract is written properly, you can change your mind about buying the house, ask the seller to lower the price or to have all or some of the problems fixed.

A good home inspector is going to check these items and much much more. It is ALWAYS worth paying for a professional home inspection to avoid any nasty expensive surprises.


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